For many individuals who have struggled with the health and psychological effects of obesity, bariatric surgery offers a potentially lasting solution. JoNel Alecia of NBC News’ Today Health writes, however, that morbidly obese patients who have gone through the aforementioned procedure may need to go under the knife for another reason:

Back when he weighed 420 pounds, Paul Brian thought losing the weight would be the hard part.

But after shedding 240 pounds with the help of bariatric surgery six years ago, the Chicago radio announcer and PR man found that reducing his girth by half spawned new problems.

It wasn’t just the extra skin left behind on his torso and legs. Like most morbidly obese people, Brian expected to undergo so-called “body contouring” to remove that excess flesh.

What he didn’t expect, however, was to wind up with a face and neck so disfigured by sagging wrinkles and flaccid muscles that plastic surgery seemed the only option.

People in Los Angeles County, in general, have reasons to be concerned about packing on excess pounds. Studies by the Department of Public Health state that obesity plagues 23.9% of adult residents and 23% of all children within the county. Such problems, fortunately, are not as prevalent among Beverly Hills residents. Yet if you or a loved one was left with excessive loose skin after losing weight or as a result of body contouring, a Beverly Hills facelift specialist such as Dr. Davis Nguyen, MD is qualified to help you.

There’s significant work cut out for your surgeon upon analyzing the amount of excess skin and its effects on your face. For instance, after the circumference of his neck shrunk from 22 inches to roughly 16 inches, Brian was left with large jowls and a mass of chin flesh that weighed down on his lower facial muscles. The situation even prompted him to simply lie flat on his back while sleeping and avoid leaning his head to the side.

A more advanced type of face lift in Beverly Hills would be apt for cases like Brian’s. The “SMAS facelift”, where tissues of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system are repositioned and held taut, is one such procedure. A proper neck lift of this sort will see excess fat and chin skin removed and the chin muscles retightened.

Unsightly loose skin as a result of dramatic weight loss can make one feel awkward. If your job or lifestyle entails having lots of face time with different people, then a surgical intervention might be in order. It’s never too late to call upon a caring surgeon like Dr. Davis Nguyen, MD for the appropriate solutions.

(Source: Sagging face final hurdle after shedding 240 pounds, NBC News)

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