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Dr. Nguyen is a very kind person; he has a lot of patience. I had four surgeries with him and each one of them came out better than the other. I feel that Dr. Nguyen became more than a doctor to me, he became a friend and that is what makes it easy on each procedure. With all of the work that I have done with him, no one can tell because it looks natural. Even the staff working with him are the nicest people and they are all very professional. I am very happy with the service and everything about it. Every visit is a joy. I highly recommend using him.

by Adi M.


I have been a patient of Dr. Nguyen for more than five years and there is no one else to whom I would trust my face. He does filler and injectable treatments better than any doctor I have ever seen, he is simply an artist. I LOVE the way he does my lips because he is extremely conservative and they always look natural. I am a professional model and singer, so it is extremely important that I not look fake and I can always count on Dr. Nguyen to keep me looking my best for TV appearances and photo shoots. Over the years I have referred dozens of patients to Dr. Nguyen all of whom are as thrilled with the quality of his work as I am.

by Sonia V.


I am a 70 year old woman who has had her fair share of medical procedures over the years. Never, in all those years, have I met a doctor quite like Dr. Davis Nguyen. He is without question, the most compassionate, caring and skilled surgeon I have had the good fortune with whom to be associated. The cosmetic procedures Dr. Nguyen performed on me were flawless with none of the tell-tale signs we all have seen from facial plastic surgery. I simply look fresher and, frankly, quite a bit younger following both my surgical and laser treatments by him. All of his patients, whether celebrities or not, are treated with the same personal attention and care.

Both my mother and I have also needed his skill for non-cosmetic procedures, each of us having melanomas. My mother required extensive reconstructive surgery on her face. As a result of Dr. Nguyen’s skill as a surgeon, my mother is as beautiful today as she was prior to the procedure. He personally visited her every day to change her dressings. How often do we see this, given today’s impersonal medical environment?

While I live close to New York City, where there are hundreds of plastic surgeons, I will travel across the country to see Dr. Nguyen, as would my mother. Dr. Nguyen has assembled a wonderful staff that makes you feel as if you were a member of their own family.
I am not a person who normally writes testimonials, but my experience with Dr. Nguyen has compelled me to tell you how I feel. Dr. Nguyen is not only a perfectionist in terms of his skill, he is the most nurturing doctor I have ever met. This is a wonderful and rare combination.

by Nancy F.


Dr. Nguyen is an artist of the human aesthetic. His genuine warmth and caring demeanor are only superseded by his skill as a surgeon. I am proud and honored to call him a friend.

by Jeff A.


For years I have photographed Dr. Davis Nguyen’s ‘after’ patients and am amazed at how natural his work appears. People look wonderful and I always have to ask, (before photographing them), ‘What procedure did Dr. Nguyen do for you?’ since there is nothing obvious… only a more handsome or more beautiful person.

I’ve photographed for other surgeons and Dr. Nguyen’s work is easily the best I’ve seen… though people look so natural that ‘seen’ is the wrong term, I’m sure.

Dr. Nguyen has now done a bit of work for me too… and the results are more than amazing…. no one thinks I’ve had ANYTHING ‘done’ … and those who know me think I’ve just returned from ‘a wonderful vacation having had a fabulous time’! All this from ‘just a bit of work’. THANK YOU Dr. Nguyen!! 🙂

by Lee B.


From the moment I arrived at Dr. Nguyen’s office to explore the possibility of a neck lift, I felt cared for by his knowledgeable staff. During this exploratory meeting, Dr. Nguyen went over in detail the expected results as well as what he would do to achieve this. All of the arrangements and preparation details were handled professionally (and without drama) by Dr. Nguyen’s team. The post-op follow up was immediate and thorough, and conducted by Dr. Nguyen personally, sensitively and with old-fashioned bedside manner. I am extremely pleased by the results and would not hesitate for a moment to recommend the Linden Clinic and Dr. Nguyen. After meeting the doctor and seeing his work, my son Nicholas summed up his expertise with “He’s an artist, Dad!”

by Craig B.


My experience with Dr. Nguyen exceeded my wildest expectations. Born and raised in this town, I’ve had the opportunity to see the top plastic surgeons’ work. Dr. Nguyen’s work really stands out not only for his remarkable skills, but also for the passion and dedication he has for his patients.

Several of my friends have had procedures done with Dr. Nguyen and are thrilled with the results. Come to think of it, I’ve never met a patient of his who were not thrilled with their results.

He’s simply the best head and neck doctor I’ve seen. I’d also be remiss if I did not mention what a wonderful and caring human being he is.

Oh, and can you believe it, he’ll also make house calls.

by Roseann W.


I have been a client of Dr. Nguyen’s since 2007 and before that have been to various Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. I immediately felt so comfortable with Dr. Nguyen and his staff; he is so knowledgeable about all the procedures he performs. During the past 3 years I have had two procedures, people are always complimenting my skin and how young I look, so much that I have referred five new patients to him who are also thrilled with their results.

Dr. Nguyen is also an extremely generous man, I’m heavily involved with animal welfare and he never turns me down when I ask him to donate his services for a fundraiser to help dogs and cats get rescued from our shelters. I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen to anyone wanting to feel better about themselves. He is awesome!

by Carole S.


A very large melanoma appeared in the middle of my left cheek and one almost in the middle of my forehead. Surgery was my only option and I was very aware of how disfiguring it could be. I knew I needed a doctor very skillful in reconstructive surgery, so I went to meet with Davis B. Nguyen M.D..

Melanoma surgery is done in three phases. First, there is the removal of the cancer, then a wait for pathology reports, and then the major reconstruction. The surgery was long and arduous, but the outcome is a Cinderella story.

The compassionate care I received all through the ordeal was remarkable and I am truly grateful. The results are amazing. My face is restored and, I might add with great delight, I am a younger looking and more attractive me. Thank you, Dr. Nguyen.

by Carolyn E.


For most of my adult life, I felt very lucky about my looks. It seemed like I would never age. All the way into my early forties, people thought I looked like I was in my early twenties. Once I was even mistaken for a teenager!

Then, about the time of my forty-sixth birthday, an amazing thing happened. Suddenly, I started looking older than my age. It was like someone turned my face upside down. My eyes began to droop. My chin seemed to grow a second chin, right under the first. My cheeks sagged and made lines so deep; my mouth looked like it belonged on a puppet. Almost overnight, I went from looking like a young woman to looking like an old grandmother.

Instead of being mistaken for being twenty years younger, now people thought I was twenty years older. At the office, my co-workers said I looked tired. The younger women at the office stopped asking me to join them after work. When I entered a room where young people were talking and laughing, they would stop and become serious, as if I were their teacher or senior supervisor. This had never happened to me before. How depressing!

I noticed commercials on television, read articles about plastic surgery, and looked online for information about face-lifts, but it was confusing. Sure, I was tempted to go with the ones who promised a fast and easy solution. Fortunately, the more research I did, the more I began to wonder. So I went to different doctors and got different opinions. Finally, I began to understand. Like everything else in life, there really were no quick fixes to my problem. Worse, I could have spent a lot of money to get so-so results that wouldn’t last long.

After much exploration, I discussed my research with my gynecologist, who is well-known and on the staff of one of the major hospitals. He helped me get a referral appointment with Dr. Davis Nguyen in Beverly Hills. I was impressed my doctor would have the confidence to place his own reputation and patient relationship with another specialist. I soon saw why. Dr. Nguyen holds degrees from major universities and has written articles for medical journals. He often travels nationally and internationally to teach and perform both cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeries.

In my first consultation with Dr. Nguyen, he was able to thoroughly explain the different procedures and what he felt would have the best outcome for me. I didn’t have to take what he said on faith. He showed me photos and computer models, as well as gave me detailed explanations. Some of what he recommended for me was new, while other approaches have been around for decades. His aim was clearly to use a combination of the best medical science to restore my looks for years to come.

My search was over. A few weeks later, I arrived in the early morning for my surgery. Yes, it seemed like a big operation to me. However, I now knew there would be a big result. What was also nice was how everyone on Dr. Nguyen’s team was so supportive. Of course, he and the team did a lot of work that morning but I got to sleep through it.

A few hours later, I was on my way back home. Dr. Nguyen had even provided a nurse to stay with me the rest of the day and that entire night, just to make sure I got the right post-operative care. When I returned the next day, Dr. Nguyen was able to see for himself that everything was doing well. He sent me home to rest and let things heal up more.

Finally, a few days later, he removed the bandages and I got to see for myself. There was still some swelling but already there was a huge difference. I could see I was going to look like myself again. His office staff and assistants, whom I had gotten to know, all came in to congratulate me. It was like a party.

It’s been a little over a year since the surgery now. The other night, my young co-workers invited me to join them at a birthday dinner for one of the girls. She was turning twenty-five. The next day I got an email with a photo attached that we had the waiter take. There I was, along with five other women who were ages twenty-three to twenty-seven. And you know what? I looked like I fit right in.
Thank you, Dr. Nguyen!

by Tomoyo T.

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