Women approaching middle age have a slew of options when it comes to preserving their looks, whether through rigorous skincare routines or cosmetic surgery. However, Alexandra Marshall of W magazine writes about one symptom of aging that has proven quite hard to camouflage:

I’m 42 and have become conscious of an area that I’ve named “the drop zone”: the increasingly declining curve between my neck and jaw, which used to be a taut right angle. Tick down a list of women generally considered to have aged gracefully: Audrey Hepburn in her UNICEF years, Lauren Hutton, Kristin Scott Thomas. What are three things they have in common? A believably lined face, a sharp jawline, and a swanlike neck. But contenders like Diane Keaton and Candice Bergen, on the other hand, wear an awful lot of markedly high collars; Ephron was an avowed fan of the turtleneck, perhaps attempting to dispense with the unwanted area altogether. Alas, this is a strategy with seasonal limitations and highly impractical sartorial consequences.

Keeping up a youthful appearance can be an all-important preoccupation in a place like Beverly Hills, especially for someone who socializes a significant amount. When you are out and about, there’s always a chance of bumping into someone you know and unflattering pictures of you being taken that could betray obvious signs of aging—such as a sagging neck and jawline—you would rather keep hidden. While it is not yet too late, you may want to enlist the services of skilled a Beverly Hills facelift expert such as Dr. Davis B. Nguyen MD. 

The details behind your condition will usually come to light at the initial consultation. Marshall quotes a New York surgeon as saying that “sagging muscles and bulging fat” pull down the skin at the neck faster because of their thin layered composition. Natural weight gain compounds the pressure as well by contributing to the appearance of a double chin, which may affect facial muscles down the line.

facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills can solve the issue by performing a neck lift on you if the evaluation reveals you are not yet in need of a full facelift. A neck lift removes excess skin and fat and attaches the remaining skin crosswise to the jaw. This procedure restores the neck’s contour and affords patients a somewhat faster recovery time as compared to a full facelift.

In the hands of a competent surgeon like Dr. Davis Nguyen, a neck lift or facelift can dramaticaly improve one’s appearance . You may even opt to forego scarves and turtlenecks altogether.

(Source: Chin Up, W magazine)

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