When considering facial rejuvenation, the first thing you’ll need to know is how to pick the right doctor for your facelift in Beverly Hills. This can affect everything from the results of the procedure to how safe it will be, so it’s vital to get it right.

Check for Board Certification

Board certification is very important for any kind of surgical procedure. If your surgeon does not have a certification that qualifies them for it, then patients should move on and find one that does.

When it comes to a facelift, choosing a board-certified facial plastic surgeon is ideal. While board-certified plastic surgeons can certainly still perform the procedure, only a surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has the specialized experience needed for optimal results. These surgeons have years of training and have passed rigorous exams.

Ask for Before-and-After Photos

Patients always need to ask prospective surgeons for facelift before-and-after photos. This will provide a clearer idea of what the likely outcome will be if they decide to proceed with their decision. Being able to review numerous before-and-after photos and videos is key, since this shows consistency. Patients can then go into their cosmetic surgery with more confidence.

High-Quality Equipment

The equipment that will be used for your facelift needs to meet certain standards. This can be ensured by finding out where your facelift will be performed. If your surgery is being performed at an accredited facility, you can rest assured that the equipment is up to proper standards. A doctor that is not properly equipped with the facilities to conduct a facelift is not worth a patient’s time. This can easily be verified by asking the surgeon.

Clear and Concise Patient Education

Patients who are not familiar with the specifics of a facelift (or any kind of surgical procedure) will need clarification. Your facelift surgeon should be able to provide clear and concise patient education. This is a sign of their experience and expertise, and it will help patients prepare for the procedure properly.

Get Reliable Answers for Specific Questions

It’s natural for patients to have questions about getting a facelift, even if they are only peripheral relative to the procedure. These can include questions about additional procedures that can complement a facelift, how to prepare for the session ahead of time, and what the patient can do to get the most out of their facelift. Facelift surgeons must be able to answer all of these questions during the patient’s consultation.

Contact Us for a Consultation

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