Los Angeles face lift can be a confidence booster for those bothered by signs of facial aging. Getting a face lift, however, also requires having ample time to recover and proper care for the facial skin, as writer Barbara A explains in an article:

Your body has its own special healing style and requirements. If your best friend had little swelling after her face lift, it does not mean that you will not experience swelling. And if you do, it does not mean that your surgeon did a poor job. Individual healing is based on your age, accompanying medical conditions, medications you take, the type of procedure performed and your skin. Ask your surgeon about the after care needs he expects you will require. He can be your best guide on what to expect based on your individual parameters.

Sadly, not all patients realize the importance of following their doctor’s after-care instructions. As such, their rhytidectomy may not offer the results they expect.

After the procedure, patients are very much in charge of their own healing process, with guidance from their surgeon of course. They are recommended to stick to their schedule of follow-up visits, and to give proper care to their skin, as the latter may also have favorable long-term results. Here are a few pointers:

Use sunscreen when heading out.

The harmful rays of the sun could impede healing and even cause swelling and inflammation. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure following their surgery. If they need to go out on errands, lathering up their skin with a good amount of sunscreen would shield them from the perilous sunrays. Sunscreens containing titanium and zinc offer the most protection.

Use facial moisturizers in the evening.

Dryness and itching are two possible effects of a facelift procedure. Patients can easily relieve themselves of these problems by keeping their skin moisturized. Applying a generous amount of hypoallergenic facial moisturizer at night would do the trick. A word of caution, though: patients must wait for at least five to seven days before starting this routine. Choose your skincare products wisely too. Make sure you do plenty of research, Renee Rouleau Blog can help with this though!

Want to wear makeup? Wait!

Some patients, of course, can’t go au naturel, and surgeons expect them to have that urge to apply makeup as soon as they step out of the surgeon’s office. Unfortunately, they have to avoid this routine until 14 days after the surgery and the removal of all sutures.

To ensure optimum results for a face lift in Beverly Hills, patients have to strictly follow post-op care procedures and doctor’s advice. Skin maintenance efforts, in particular, can do wonders for them.

(Source: After Care for Face Lifts,, August 16, 2013)

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