Blame it on the laws of nature, but as much as people want to grow old gracefully, sometimes it doesn’t happen. Luckily, there are a number of options, such as a facelift, that allow people to conquer the signs of aging. An article on gives a glimpse of the ideal candidates for a facelift:

Mother Nature and Father Time have given your face a worn look, so much so that you’re considering a facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy. Your skin and soft tissue have lost their elasticity. You look tired, even when you’re not. You may have deep lines around the corners of your mouth, jowls or neck laxity (looseness) that increase your aged and tired look.

Deciding to have a facelift in Beverly Hills is a major decision, and one should give ample thought to it. Once the decision is made, the next step is to figure out when to schedule an appointment with an esteemed facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Davis Nguyen. As the end of 2014 approaches, those who keep to the “New Year, New You” mantra would be quite pleased to know that undergoing surgery this winter offers the following benefits:

Longer recovery period

Major holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Martin Luther King Day give patients ample time to rest at home as they go through the necessary recovery process. Holidays usually mean there will be non-working days to add to patients’ vacations, allowing for more time to recuperate.

Protection from sunlight

As a general rule, those who undergo a rhytidectomy are cautioned by their cosmetic surgeons to avoid sunlight exposure, or at least minimize it for four to six weeks. Exposure to the sun could cause swelling and scarring. It will be easier to avoid the sun in Beverly Hills—or the whole of Los Angeles County, for that matter— in winter because rainy and overcast days are common during this time of year.

Locals who are feeling a bit conscious of their facial lines and wrinkles can have a Beverly Hills face lift procedure to make their face firmer and tauter. For optimum results, they should pick an ideal time to undergo the procedure, and winter is an excellent choice for many reasons.

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